Additional Field link options

A workaround in the meantime.

var $ = skuid.$, field = arguments[0], value = arguments[1], prospectId = field.row.Id; //console.log(field); if ( field.mode == 'read' ){ skuid.ui.getFieldRenderer(field.metadata.displaytype).read( field, value ); $(field.element[0]) .mouseover(function() { $(this).css('cursor','pointer'); $(this).css({"text-decoration":"underline"}); }) .mouseout(function() { $(this).css('cursor','default'); $(this).css({"text-decoration":"none"}); }); $(field.element[0]).click(function(){ skuid.actionSequences.getByName("Load Prospect").run({"prospectId": prospectId}); skuid.actionSequences.getByName("Load Owning Entity").run({"Id": field.row.AccountId}); skuid.actionSequences.getByName("collapseProspectTable").run(); }); } else if (field.mode == 'edit'){ skuid.ui.getFieldRenderer(field.metadata.displaytype).edit( field, value ); }

Ability to run an Action Sequence is a great idea — we could have the context Model, Row, Field Name, and Field Value be provided as Inputs to the Action Sequence.

Pat, we’ve captured this and are reviewing it as a candidate feature for an upcoming release. Thank you for the feedback!