Adding series to visualization locks up chrome on model save

I added a visualization to one of my pages. It is just a standard bar chart. If I add any series to it, I can no longer save the model the chart is connected to. It locks up chrome completely. I have tried process of elimination to attempt to identify the problem, but If the chart has no series defined, the model saves and if any series on any field is defined, the model wont save and Chrome locks up. Anyone have any experience with this?


That is weird. Can you give some context about your page? Does the model for the bar chart go to any other components on the page? Could you post a screenshot of that model?


Hi Amy. I figured out the issue while getting you screenshots! I think I was just confusing Salesforce/Skuid. I had a button that would perform a couple actions and save the model. I also had some model conditions that would fire upon save that would update certain fields and the save the model again. The weirdish thing is that this worked fine as long as no series were in the visualization. As long as I added any series, even not one effected by the field updates of the save button or the model actions, the model save would break the page and freeze Chrome. I have reworked the page to not need the model actions. This has fixed the issue. Thanks

Okay, that is odd. I’m glad you figured it out, though!

If you are interested in doing some bug hunting you could create a navigation item that triggers model save, then have a model action that is triggered by model save that updates some fields and then saves the model again. Then add a bar chart based on that model and add some series. I’m guessing the back to back model saves combined with the redrawing of the chart each time the model is saved caused the issue. The chart would be triggered to update based on the initial model save, but as it is updating, the model action is updating fields in the model and resaving which would trigger the chart to redraw again. Probably just gets confused.