Adding our organization's logo to statements


I’ve tried several times to figure out how to add our organization’s logo to our statements, but i don’t see how to do this.  I have a file upload component, but that doesn’t allow me to upload our logo.  I found a file component in the help, but that looks like it’s for users to be able to upload things like their picture…  Any thoughts on how i can just add our logo to the statement so it shows up when any user goes to print a statement would be appreciated!

Thank you so much!


What is a statement?

Generally, you can use Static Resources assuming your template can reference the static resource.


It’s similar to an invoice w/ all dates of service.  We do outpatient mental health therapy, so inside each client’s record we can print a statement that shows a summary of outstanding balances, total charged, what was paid by insurance etc…  It’s that page that i want to add our logo.


Are you using Conga Composer, Drawloop, or what?

I’m not familiar with those.  We use Practice Pro Therapy - not sure if that’s what you’re asking.  Here’s what my page looks like:

The file upload was there as part of Practice Pro, but when a user loads this page to see a statement from a patient file, it shows: No record found for file component where this file upload is. I want our logo to be there, so am thinking the file upload isn’t what i want…?

Here’s an example where I show a product image.  The image is rendered in a template.  Is this what you are wanting to do?

Another idea, if you are just wanting to show your logo, follow these steps:

  1. Upload your logo as a Static Resource e.g. MYLOGO
  2. Reference your logo in a template component using this HTML fragment ``` ```

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m following this one so don’t think i’m doing it right…    This is the only place i see i can upload files:

I create the resource (I tried to choose static resource for the resource location, but don’t know wha to put for the file path).  I chose the external resource location and pasted in the resource URL that i got from the “Share via link” above.

I don’t see the template option in field properties like your screenshot above…  I tried a couple of things, but it doesn’t work.  

I tried to use the help file for static resources - i looked at the first couple help docs that come up, but didn’t see what i’m doing wrong.

Thank you for all your help on a Sunday morning!

I understand this one now too…  YAY!  Thanks again for all your help!  Have a great rest of your weekend!

Skuid on :slight_smile:

Glad you figured this out.  You might give the guys at Practice Pro some feedback on adding this to training they do during the installation process.  They’ve built a super cool app on Skuid,  and the fact that as a customer you have the ability to customize it further makes it even cooler!   But with great power comes great responsibilitiy.  They need to help you use the power!