Adding Custom Marketing Cloud Links to Skuid Layout

Hi there, I am new to skuid so I hope this isnt a silly questions. We use Marketing Cloud for our email communications and we have the connector installed to our salesforce org. I have successfully built a model into their custom objects and have been able to replicate the Email Sends tab that their connector adds to the standard contact page.

What I have not been able to figure out is how to add their custom links to a skuid layout (for example Marketing Cloud Unsubscribe and Marketing Cloud Resubscribe. These appear to be buttons that trigger a snippet of javascript. The link itself is something like:

But, if I create a button in a skuid layout with a url of javascript:window.invokeOnClickJS_00b1a000000hk5n%28this%29 nothing happens. 

If I look in the main Salesforce/Setup/Build/Contacts/Buttons Links and Actions I can access the onclick javascript. 

So, I guess my question is, is there a way to access the actions/custom links that have already been created within Salesforce? Or do I need to recreate this as a new action within skuid. If so, could you point me to the appropriate documentation? I would really appreciate it. 

We are looking forward to a happy marriage of marketing cloud and skuid :slight_smile:

Ooh.  I hope we can get to that wedding! 

But like any relationship - there are always bumps in the road.  On Click Javascript is one of them. Essentially,  you will need to go to the page where this button is running, and dig into the javascript code to see what this onclick code is doing and then replicate that in Skuid.  We’ve seen this done in other situations - but I’m not sure we’ve ever seen it done with Marketing Cloud.  Here is a forum post that details the basic strategy for converting the code to Skuid: