Adding company branding to an externally facing Skuid page on

I have a functional externally facing Skuid page. How do I make it look like the company’s website with the appropriate branding and the like? Thanks in advance for your assistance!!! 

Zach wrote Karen an email which I thought would be good to repost here: 

There are several options for accomplishing this objective: 

1. You could include your Skuid Page as an iFrame within the company’s website. 

2. You could continue to host this page on your Site and add the branding and images directly into your Skuid page using the Template component, which lets you add any HTML you want. 

3. You could put the branding and images into the Visualforce Page that is including your Skuid Page — if you are building multiple such Skuid Pages that you want to host, this might be a good option, as you can use create a Visualforce Template for your Site and then have the different Visualforce override pages use this template.