Adding an image to a page

I would like to add an image to the top of each account page.  The image would always be the same regardless of the account selected.  I looked at some of the tutorials but they seem to be showing how to add a different image to each page.  I want to upload 1 image and have it displayed at the top of each account page.  Any suggestions?

You can add a template field with the following HTML

remember to check allow HTML.

Here’s an example of where I use an image with an link. Notice the image is a static resource.

<td><img src="/resource/quotes32">
<td><span class="nx-pagetitle-subtitle">Manage Quote Line Items for</span>
<div class="nx-pagetitle-maintitle">
<a href='/{{{Id}}}'>{{{Name}}}</a>

Moshe / Irvan,

Sorry for the delay, I got pulled away from this for a few days.  I just got back to it today and both your suggestions were very helpful in resolving this issue.  Thank you both very much.