Adding a Panel type box into an html template

Hello all, I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to add panels to the html of a template component to generate large. Here are some images to better explain.

I have a wraper component with a Page Title and Template components.

 ![]( "Image:\_images/1524897/RackMultipart20161218-113190-1f9y8xl-2016-12-18\_01-21-55\_inline.jpg?1482055212")

I would like to develop a way to pull in information as shown with the 9, 3, and 6 numbers.


I’m looking to see what syntax I would use in the template; I could css it after if it is possible.


Hello Nirouges,

Thank you for your question. You may be able to find what you’re looking for in this community post, which discusses calculating and displaying totals in a template component. 

- Mark

I will try this out and let you know how it goes! Thank you!

Didn’t work, but maybe needs a little more tweaking.

This is syntax used in the template and set to Allow HTML:

<a href="/500/o">You have {{$}} records</a> 

and the result was:

You have 0 records

actually ,got it to work!