Add year to Calendar header

Hi Ben … yep, 2.48 fixed the issue. And I like the new links to select the days in the week that the month view shows. Very neat. Can I add a couple of items to the wishlist for the calendar month view? - The navigator at the top has the month name, but not the year, so if you click through to the next year it’s not apparent. Maybe instead of “September” you could go for “September 2013” or “Sep 2013”? - One benefit of going for the Sep 2013 approach is that the label would then always be the same width. This would help when you want to click the right arrow multiple times to go forward several months. At present, when you do that, the arrow moves position depending on the width of the month’s label. Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Need 5 weeks in calendar month view topic.

I agree!

Hi, Is there any progress on this? Our business users are demanding for this as calendars they use in standard salesforce and other systems are flexible that way. Cheers,

There is not progress on this.  Sorry.  It is in the backlog,  but it has not been scheduled. 

The Year of the currently selected Month and Week will be added to the Calendar header as of the next major Skuid release.