Add title to Calendar?

How do I add a title to Calendar? Using Page Title component is not working. Thanks!

If you want to add a title above the calendar grid - put the page title above it (or you can use a Rich Text component)

If you want the page title in the popup that shows after you click on an event - you need to use the “Show custom popup” value for the “Event on-click behavior”. This will give you a popup you can configure in any way you want. You can drag page titles into this composer area.

The page title is where youd add the button we described in the other thread. Below are the properties for the button, and a code example for linking to the other Skuid page that should be put in the “Redirect URL” field.

Thanks Rob. Weird, I was doing exactly per above using {{Name}} but when I changed it to a custom text, it now works. Thanks for making me consider custom text. :slight_smile: