Add support for registering custom merge (mustache) functions

Currently, Skuid provides support in merge syntax for things like $Model, $Label, etc. as well as some stock functions like en/decodeUrl.  

Would like to see support added for registering custom merge/mustache properties and functions.

1) register $MyAppInfo which is an in-memory object
Usage: {{$MyAppInfo.myProperty}}
2) register currentTime which would be a function to automatically merge in the current time
Usage: {{#currentTime}}The time is: {{/currentTime}}
3) register doSomethingCool which would be a function to automatically merge in something cool
Usage: {{#doSomethingCool}}{{MyField__c}}{{/doSomethingCool}}

Thank you!

That would be neat! Vote this up if you’d like to see it so the devs know how important this is as they consider ideas for future releases.


I want this so badly. I had an extremely simple use case involving some template logic that I would have loved to have this functionality for.

I believe the way mustache is currently loaded on the page could (with a few simple changes) allow custom functions to be defined, but the parsing of template contents has to make the call to the custom (lambda) function…

Specifically, what I want defined is Lambda expressions as explained here (further down) on the mustache docs.