Add support for "not showing" error messages in page titles

With the new in-line field errors, it would be nice to be able to disable visiblity to error messages in the page title (and any other initiating component).

Adding something like a “Do not show errors” property would do the trick.


That would be nice!

But if you want to hide the Errors, you could simply use this inline CSS

.nx-error {<br>&nbsp; display: none;<br>}

Thanks Thimo!

Agreed there are workarounds - there almost always are thankfully :slight_smile:

nx-error itself wouldn’t be enough in most cases as you wouldn’t want to globally turn off errors everywhere.  You could put a cssclass (e.g. ‘noerrors’) on the pagetitle, then use a more specific selector such as ‘.noerrors .nx-error’ to accomplish.

That said, a checkbox property on the page title (and other similar components) would be the preferred option especially for page developers that aren’t familiar with css :slight_smile:


Thanks for suggesting on how to make Skuid more easy to use. The devs are aware of this idea and will consider it for a future release.

Thanks for helping us make Skuid better!