Add support for custom conditions

Would love to see extension support added for conditions.  Similar to custom components, the ability to define an “conditions” pack would allow the builder to define the properties (source type all the way through to value or anything else of their choosing) that could then be used declaratively in the builder.

This has been discussed before although not sure where it stands.  With each new release of Skuid, page developers are finding all types of new ways to create pages and unfortunately, there is no way that Skuid can keep up with all of these demands.  By introducing more extension points within the product, an entire new ecosystem can start to take shape by third-parties furthering the value of Skuid.

I’ve accomplished some of this by modifying the underlying skuid code but it’s not a viable long term approach as it needs to be modified with each skuid release and some internal methods are just not "overridable."

Some ideas for the first component pack I would write if I could:

1) Use the “value” property of a condition similar to the “Source” property allowing the choice of a model, field, etc. or supporting merge syntax.
2) Add a bitwise operator
3) Add the ability to call a function that returns true/false
4) Add a “component mode” operator

The community could contribute open-source extensions or third-parties could commercialize their efforts.

The added benefit of this approach is that it allows Skuid to focus on core product features and not have to address the periphery of the product as much.  It also gives Skuid customers the ability to cater to their individual needs reducing the amount of “workarounds” that are required today.

Thank you!

Thanks for the good thinking here Barry.  We appreciate the way you keep us on our toes…