add standard button on account detail page??

how to add standard button (getcontact,include offline)on account detail page …i dont find these button anywhere in skuid… 

If you add a new button to a page title component,  or a new action to a table (global or row action).  One of the available action types in the Button Properties will the “Custom: SF Button/Link”   This will connect to all the URL redirect buttons that have been implemented on the object for which the the component is assigned. 

If the salesforce buttons are onclick javascript - they will not be available in this way and you will need to recreate the buttons action using a custom action tied to a javascript snippet.  

thanks ROb…
 i am a big fan of skuid…i spent 2 ,3 hour daily just to know skuid more and more.
i know what you are talking about… i am asking about the standard button not the custom buttons.
“getcontact,include offline” the are the standard buttons standard account detail page.
need a clarification on that. i know i am missing something.there has to be a way to add these buttons…

Those buttons don’t look like they are url redirect buttons.  They are associated with additional salesforce functionality ( and Offline use) and are probably using  some pretty sophisticated javascript behind the scenes to accomplish what they are doing.  We do not recreate these buttons automatically into Skuid.  It may be possible to reverse engineer the javascript that Salesforce is using to execute this functionality and build it into Skuid - but we have never done it.  

Thanks ROb…!!

Bummer… so we can’t utilize if we do SKUID?  I am surprised a lot more people don’t need this.

Not saying you CANT use the two together.  Its just not straightforward out of the box kind of stuff. 

You can always still call the standard layouts from within Skuid pages and on these layouts incldue the buttons.   This might be Kludgy but it wil work. 

The API’s could also be used to create custom solutions that integrate into your SKuid pages.  This wouldn’t be Kludgy - but would definitely take some custom work. 

Sorry it can’t be as easy as other things in Skuid. We’re trying…


Easy fix.  Simply create a button for a redirect.  You can do this on the Account Page Title or even better… right above a Contacts table.  Really… anywhere you want to put a Global Action.

Here is what I used below…  Obviously replace the with your salesforce instance.  This simply uses the DataDotComSearch and I searched by account id, Jigsaw ID, and the name.  The only thing that requires JavaScript is that you can also conduct this search by web url instead of by name,  in which case you would remove jid={{JigsawCompanyId}} and name={{Name}} and substitute url={{Website}.  You can Script this up in JavaScript to see if the website field is missing and search by your preference OR you can create 2 separate buttons using the links below.

That said, you always have a required name for the account and even in instances where the url and name don’t match… seems to do a good job of including the correct contacts.  Further, the first should always be used to ensure you don’t bring over contacts into some other duplicate record not matched up by the Jigsaw ID.  ( was formerly Jigsaw)  So I would suggest only using the first link below as a redirect BUT to each his own.

Here is the redirect for both should anyone decide they need them, but if you only need one, use the first in my opinion.  If someone wants to add the JavaScript to check fields and do one and then the other… by all means.  I just don’t think it is necessary.

Search by name (replace “” with your salesforce instance){{Id}}&jid={{JigsawCompanyId}}&name={{Name}}

Search by URL (replace “” with your salesforce instance){{Id}}&url={{Website}


So final answer I think (for the account button at least){{{Id}}}&jid={{{JigsawCompanyId}}}&name={{#urlEncode}}{{Name}}{{/urlEncode}}
Now would you suggest that name be in triple brackets or double brackets within the urlEncode

Folks one more update for

You will want to change id to id15 because won’t allow you to select records and add the back to the account if you use the 18 character ID, See updated below{{{Id15}}}&jid={{{JigsawCompanyId}}}&name={{#urlEncode}}{{Name}}{{/urlEncode}}

again replace na4 with your instance