Add skuid pages to modules

I see skuid’s design pages belong to the module “skuid”, how can i add my skuid pages to different modules ? Do i have to create the modules somehow so they will appear the the “module” dropdown list ?

Hi Ken, What worked for me was going to the Page List page, cloning it, and then I added an edit row action. After that was added I could change the module from Skuid to something else using the edit function. Module is a picklist field. However, at this time there is a bit of a bug on pages where you change the module from Skuid to something else. I would recommend waiting until we fix the bug before you change any changes from Skuid to something else.

The options in the Module dropdown come directly from the Picklist values in the Skuid Page object’s Module field — and you can add custom entries to this picklist by going to Setup > Create > Objects, going to Skuid Page, clicking on the Module field, and clicking Add to add additional entries, e.g. you could add “MyStuff”, and then you’d be able to put pages into the “MyStuff” Module. The bug that Joel mentions occurs when you are using the Page Include or Queue Components in conjunction with Modules — currently, if the Page you want to include is in a Module, the page include / queue behavior doesn’t work. This is a known issue we’re still working to fix. There are several advantages to putting your pages into Modules, though, so otherwise I’d say go for it, add values to the Module picklist field.

Zach, thanks, Ifound the place to change the skuid page objects module field… i’ll just have to not add add a module for any of the pages i want to use as includes… which will end up being all the pages in my user interface… since i want to see them all together. But i can use assigning to modules to organize the other uses i have for skuid pages… (skuid pages turn out to be useful for a lot of stuff). How will i know when the issue is fixed?

For lurkers,  Page Includes are now working with pages with modules (at least for me…)

Seth, you’re correct — as of the Skuid Spring 14 release, you can Pages in Modules work just fine with Page Includes.