How do we add a Lightning Component to Skuid?

We built a prototype of this functionality at last year’s Dreamforce,  but it is not yet available in our product.  


You can see more here:

The ability to add Lightning Components to Skuid pages is planned for the next major Skuid release. Stay tuned!

If you’re looking for a general lightning component / Skuid integration to build a tutorial around, can it please please be this Stopwatch thing -

Would be really awesome to have the Start button start the stopwatch and set a Start Time datetime field, then Stop stop the clock and also set an End Time datetime field…

Hey Jack, this should be super easy to create in lightning, I may even have a go at it next time I get bored. You would probably want a button for “Update fields with result” or something, right? Basically have the ability to update a DateTime start and stop with the beginning and end of the stopwatch run.

Great Idea Jack.  We might just have to try that out.  Problem is that we aren’t really bored right now,  with product launch,  dreamforce prep, and one or two other things going on…

Jack I’ve gotten bored since I last commented here… I put together a stopwatch component which is under construction here: . I am curious about your use case of updating a field. How do you anticipate that working? What’s the use case?

Here’s what I was thinking…

1)You’re on an “Acme” Account record, and you have a scheduled call.
2)You start the stopwatch on your phone which updates “Start_Call__c” with the time.
3)After the call you hit stop which updates “End_Call__c”.

My questions are : How is the component supposed to know what record you are on? I imagine you will want it to look for the Id parameter in the page URL?

Also you will have to specify a sObject name (e.g. “Account”) and a start and end field name (e.g. Start_Call__c, End_Call__c). I can extract the component as an unmanaged package once I get it working really well.

Are embedded Lightning Components available now? I recently installed into a Dev Org and do not have the option as I was expecting.

Yes they are now available.  Here is how. 

1. Go to the bottom of your builder screen and hit the “Build Page in Lightning” link.  This will put the page in the lightning runtime rather than in visualforce. 
2. In the components list - expand the “Advanced” node and drag the “Lightning Components” into your page

There are some caveats. 
- The components available are limited.
- I believe you have to be working in a “my domain enabled” org to get a full set of components.  That may preclude doing much in a Dev Org. 

I’m having issues with loading components.

The current set of Lightning Components are quite complimentary to the current Skuid components. Of particular interest are the Sales PathActivities and Flow.

So, in attempting to follow the directions provided, I get the Skuid Lightning Component but can’t select a Lightning Component.