Add Fields Not in Table to Mass Update Action

Hello, My apologies if this is a silly/obvious question, but I am trying to add a field that’s not in my table to the Mass Update action pop-up. More detail: I have a model (let’s call it Contacts) that has fields A, B, and C queried from the Salesforce object. I create a table with fields A and B as columns. I offer a Mass Update action on my table. Currently, when the user selects the mass update option, they see a pop-up that allows them to edit fields A and B. I would like them to also see / have the option to edit field C in this pop-up. I have explored creating my own “Mass Update” action using a pop-up, several UI-only fields, and a page title button that does field updates on the selected rows … But I was just wondering if there was anything more straightforward that I could try out first. Thanks! Aparna

What if you just add a button in a page title that opens a popup that displays a table with columns A,B, and C? Then the user can use the built in mass update functionality. When usability isn’t obvious, I’ll put a rich text at the top of the pop up with instructions. For example “Select records to update, then click “mass update””.

Nice Idea, Raymond! I actually never considered that possibility, but may use it in the future! That’s much more user friendly than going the JavaScript route… Aparna: You could also consider voting for this Idea in the community:

Raymond – that’s a good idea! A quick way for me to at least test out the functionality I’m going for before investing the time in heavier implementation. Jeff – Yes, I saw that thread. Will def vote for it! Thank you!