Add "Copy" button and/or enable text selection of everything in page builder

This button

And the ability to select or double click text in order to copy text.

This was an issue in V1 way back when and then patched.

@Ben_Hubbard @Rob_Hatch @Matt_Sones @duane @Skuidward_Tentacles

Enable V2 to have the same please.

The V2 page builder allows you to copy text from all properties. Where else are you trying to copy from?

There are a few places in the admin interfaces where lists of records have a native action that gets triggered when you try to seelct the text. (Page list - the whole row triggers “go to composer action”). Would the copy possibility be worth giving up the “row based interaction” ? What other remedy would you propose?

Many page builder properties, but most infuriatingly the model property for a component.