Add a single item using Table's Global Popup Action

Hi, We would like to have a global action on our table which opens a popup window and the ability to enter a single item outside of the normal table format. Essentially, this would be how it works: 1) User clicks global action button which launches a popup window 2) Some of the fields would either be pre-selected, or have default text pre-typed in. 3) Instead of tabular format, the fields are displayed on top of each other vertically, similar to how a section in the field editor is arranged. 4) The user could enter the rest of the details, press save, and then the item would be added as a new record in the table. Is this possible?

Hi Greg, Would this “new item” be on the same Model as the table, or on a different Model? If on a different Model, I’m guessing that it would be “related” to the table row, correct? We are very strongly considering adding this in an upcoming release, but we want to make sure that when we add the feature it will have the flexibility needed to handle the most common scenarios. Zach

Zach, For our scenario, it is the same object. We were looking to use it for tasks. We would like to have a global action labelled “Enter Meeting Notes” which pops up a new completed task entry with an extra wide description area, today’s date, the current account’s main contact, and the subject “Meeting Notes For ____” pre-filled out. This would really save the advisers here a lot of time when entering notes during or after a client meeting. I could also see how it would be really helpful to have this work in the scenario you described of a different model. I think it would be a great next feature to add!