Add a grouping and master page fields and filters to Skuid page list.

As apps get large, it would be easier to sort through all the Skuid pages created if the page list allowed for a tag or group so you could sort and filter by “Pages for Contacts” etc… And a listing of the master page each page is associated with would be convenient.

It would be nice to have more searches and filters on the Pages list.

Did you know that you can clone the Pages list page and add your own filters? Click to edit the pages list page, click “clone” page, and keep the name the same but take it out of the Skuid module (then your local page will by default override the version in the Skuid module).

So you can create filters like “name contains Contact”, “ismaster”, “hasmaster”, add the master page field to the table, etc.

I didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip!

You’re welcome!  These are the little hidden wonders of Skuid we want to make sure people discover.

I tried this. I cloned the PagesList Page, changed the name, set module to none, then saved. I got this error: You do not have permission to remove, add new, or modify existing Pages in the null module.

Hmmm. That error message makes it sound like a sharing/security issue with the Pages object.  (You get a similar error message if you try to add/modify/remove pages in the Skuid module). You’re sure it’s happening when the module is set to “none”? Have you set up any custom security on the Pages object? 

Correct, it is happening when I choose “none”. I have not made any security changes to the pages object that I am aware of. Since this post, I created a Skuid page based on the pages object. It is al little disorienting as I have to go to the Skuid Compose tab> All pages>“My Page List” to see the list of my pages on a page that I created, but it isn’t a huge issue and it gets the job done. I can probably manually override the Pages Object Button to a VF that redirects to “My Page List”, correct? I haven’t tried it yet.

I think that you should be able to do that, you can go into the Skuid master page and see where that “all pages” link is going.

More questions:

1. What is the Module of this page?  (none?)

2. Do you have a custom trigger on the Page object?

Module is none. No triggers on the object. Thanks