Activity History model conditions are not being applied on page load

We have one account record (at least the only one that we have found thus far) that when a user goes to the skuid account detail page we have created, the Activity History table (Task) brings in completely unrelated records on page load. Then if you type in the search bar for the table, and then clear the search bar again, the filter conditions apply correctly.

This is the row count on the table from an un-related account at page load:

This is the row count on the table for the account discussed in the issue at page load:

And this is after typing in and then clearing the search bar:

The conditions on the Activity History table were designed to bring in Task records from all related account or contact records, whether through direct relationships or junction record relationships. The table is brought into the page via a page include component using another skuid page. This was done to isolate the models used for the Activity History because there are duplicate models of the same objects but with different conditions.

Hi Sean, the first thing I’d do is check and make sure that this Account *has* tasks. I suspect that it does not, and that’s why the table is bringing in unrelated data.

You can prevent this by, for each of your “field from another model conditions” (all except 4) by selecting **If No Row in Source Model ** then, “abort this model’s query.” It may be that right now these are all set to “deactivate this condition,” and when the model cycles through all the conditions and finds no tasks, it deactivates the conditions and brings in the first tasks it finds. Selecting “abort this model’s query” will keep this from happening.

Let me know if this helps!

In the images above, the third image that displays row counts shows that this account has associated tasks.

I have previously attempted the setting mentioned in the second portion of your answer, but I will re-attempt to ensure that I did not miss anything.