Active Navigation selection; is it possible?

Is it possible to have an active navigation selection? Similar to how the active tab of a tab set behaves? 

If anyone has successfully implemented this could you please share?



Do you mean that you want to show which navigation item the user is currently on? If so you’ll probably end up having to do it in a Javascript snippet. You would need to determine which navigation item your user is on (maybe based on the page name?) and then set some CSS on the navigation based on that. 

Would you happen to have any examples of this being done in a similar fashion? 

Unfortunately not. I actually got the idea from this post (I’m not sure why I didn’t link to it in my initial response; I must have just forgotten to). You could get page name from the function, and then set CSS from there. Admittedly, I haven’t set CSS styles from Javascript before, but I know it is possible.