Activate parent filter condition when date range filter on child relationships execute or activated

Hi Guys,

With reference to below links:

i have added a table filter in Account model where Contact is selected on the certain date range and i have implemented it through above first link.

But this issue is that in date range filter, you don’t have option to activate parent’s filter condition based on child filter (second pic) and i have other filter on Account model as well (first pic). All filters are executing in AND logical condition so every condition needs to be deactivated. if a deactivate this filter 7 then this date range filter will not work and if a activate this one then other filter will not work without this filter. 

if without applying contact filter, if i apply account filter like some status  then it is not showing any records despite having records related to that status.

if i don’t apply this child Contact filter then other filters of account will not work as this contact filter is the only one related to child relationship and it will give null result with will not match with any record. 

is there any way to achieve this functionality through skuid. 

Thanks in advance
Akanksha Singh

Hi Skuid Team,

Please help on this issue.


Hi Akanksha, thanks for this question.

To confirm, you’re building on the Skuid Platform rather than Skuid on Salesforce, correct?  If you are using Skuid on Salesforce, what version are you running?

My understanding is that you are using Salesforce as your data source and have a list of Accounts that you want to filter based on a date field from related contacts. Is this correct?

It would be helpful if you could reproduce this issue in a simple test page and share the page XML here.