Activate model condition with url parameter

We found something in skuid (don’t know feature or bug) a while ago. We have a model called OpenTasks based on custom object Task__c in a page include. The model has condition named practiceMember (filterable default off) with value set to result of subquery. If we wanted to activate the condition ‘practiceMember’, we had to pass practiceMember in query string for the include. However, this ‘feature’ stopped working in one of our dev orgs. Any idea?

Client Side Model Processing was the culprit…


Thanks for the report.  We are still doing lots of work on client side models.  We’ll investigate this issue as well. 


May I ask what is the syntax you used to be accomplish this?

I would love to be able to activate & set value via the query string

An example would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Hi Dave, You can achieve this with following steps: 1. Add model condition as filterable default off in page include 2. Pass query string while including the page include. Example: If Your model condition name is ‘fooCondition’ and you want to activate this condition and set value to ‘foo’ you would put query string as follows: fooCondition=foo Hope this helps.


thank you very much , it worked like a charm!

@Dave glad to hear …