Activate "Cancel" Button directly after clicking edit

Could it be possible to make the “cancel” button active directly after clicking the edit button? Currently, the save and edit buttons only become active after you first click the edit button, and then also make a change to the record. I see how it could be a bit confusing to users to not be able to “turn off” the edit feature by clicking cancel when they accidentally hit the edit button or double click and accidentally bring up a record edit. Having the cancel button active directly after clicking the edit button would help eliminate any confusion to the end user.

Interesting concept. You can cancel the “edit mode” by clicking on the pencil again, but that doesn’t seem as intuitive as having the “Cancel” light up.

I agree with Greg here. It makes sense to me that as soon as any editing state change occurs on a given page, that the Cancel button should reset the page and all states within the page.


Does anyone know if this has ever been implemented?

This has not been implemented.  The standard way to get rows in and out of edit mode is to hit the pencil icon.   Its a toggle.  Gets you in edit and gets you back out…

casting my vote for Greg’s idea