Actions Set Filter/Condition as Context Only

Here’s my use case. I have a chart with Task data in it to display how many hours have have been completed by who and when. When is the category. Who is the split.

NOTE: I have the same data in a table below. Not using Agg model as the number of records expected will never be past 500 and so load all records on page load.

Now, I have the chart setup with drill down to the selected who and when so as to show tasks categorized by Subject, as the tasks are created mostly via templates.

So, I’d like to have the table update based on the above drill down point data. I could use the set condition and query actions, but then the model would have to be reset/requeried somehow when I click the “Back” to undrill the chart. Messy if you ask me. Better to have the following as no server interaction would be required.

Please add the following:

  1. Action: Set Context (with option to accept chart point rows)
  2. Action: Reset Context
  3. Back button Action Framework option