Actions in a sequence

Hey all,

I have a fun one… I’m trying to run a series of Actions in a particular sequence. Essentially, I need to query a model, use data from that to update another model, which in turn changes the condition for another re-queried model, which then updates fields in another and so on…

It’s all a little complicated, but I was wondering if it was possible (without writing a snippet) to accomplish this? I read somewhere on here that all actions are pretty much taken at the same time (depending on the action type) but is there an option to run them in some kind of sequence?

It’s conceivable, and can depend upon model update performance. Is this issue still happening?

Hi Oliver

This should be possible with the action framework. After an action is finished, the next action will be executed. If there’s an error, the action sequence will be stopped at this point.

In JavaScript it’s different. There you have to use callback functions (e.g. for save and query), otherwise it will run asynchronously.