Action: update field on row to remove 1 picklist option from a Multi picklist field


I’m trying to find a way to Remove a picklist option from a Multi picklist type of field via action framework

Example: the field contains: John Smith;Sam Smith;Bob Smith

And via action framework, I would like to remove let’s say “Bob Smith”, while leaving the other picklist options intact

To add a picklist I was able to accomplish it using Merge Syntax

But cannot figure out how to remove one, while not removing all picklists

Any help would be appreciated


This might be an alternative:

Thank you Raymond, but I had seen this and it’s not really what I need.

I do not need to hide/show certain picklist values

I need to be able to remove one in a declarative way

Here’s how i do it to add a picklist option to a multi picklist field, using example in first post
Update Field on row 
Value: {{FieldName}};Bob Smith

this works and allows me to keep existing picklist values and add which ever I want.

Now is there a way to do the reverse?

Keep the values in that field except the one I want to remove (the equivalent of checking one option off in a multi picklist field)


Ah… I completely misunderstood what you were doing. Your problem is probably fairly easily addresses with a Java snippet, but I’m just a cave man and do things declaratively or go back to my cave. I think multi-picklist values are stored in semicolon separated format. I can’t think of a way to deselect an option declaratively…