Action Type: Redirect to URL, Open in Page Include

I have a popup table with the option to click a Row Action that needs to open the Page Include panel to the selected record.  I have the Row Action set to ‘Redirect to URL’, but I need to understand what URL to input and how to open the URL in the Page Include.  Any thoughts?

I’m not sure I understand.  Is the table on a main page and row actions open a popup (that has a page include) to show details?  This is our canonical row action example. 

Or are you operating with everything in a  popup - table in one panel and detail section (with include) in another panel.   This looks much like Queues or some pages weve built with interactive tables  to do object management (Look here:

I have a master list of records that is viewed in a popup table.  This popup is generated from a button on the main page.  This main page is a Panel Set with a Queue and a Page Include.  The user can click on the queue to view the record detail, but I need them to also be able to click on a record in the popup table and go to the record.  Is this possible?

I think this will be feasible using the Default Item Parameter property for the queue.   Look at this youtube video we did a few months ago.   Skip ahead to about 13:10 and look at the last use case we discussed. 

I think you’d have a redirect url in your table that reloaded the underlying main page and passed the row ID from the table into the the Queue’s default item parameter property.   

Got it… nice!  Thanks Rob.  Was that you talking in the video?

Yep - that was me.  Lots of hemming and hawing in that thing.  Its embarrasing.