Action to send information from a skuid database to a webhook

It’s been years since I’ve worked with Skuid (glad I’m back), and recently I’ve been tinkering with a Skuid database to proof out an idea for my business.

Long story short, I’ve got a medical supply company currently operating out of google sheets, and I’m evaluating Skuid as a POC vs. using Flutter + Dart (what we are currently using to build our app).

I’m not all too familiar with javascript, so I’m wondering if there is a way to use a JS snippet to send information to a webhook for downstream processing.

Welcome back to Skuid Joe!

I hope you’re enjoying shaking off the dust and discovering all the new functionality thats been built out since your last experience.

Regarding the webhook – could you potentially use a REST datasource/model on the page to send the information to the webhook? I believe I’ve seen this done in the past, but I’m sure its very dependent on the configuration.


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I agree with Clark. Generally under the covers, a webhook is going to be a POST call to a particular endpoint. You could replicate that call using a Skuid “REST” model. The “Save” action on that REST model would trigger the POST call. The webhook will have a body that can be constructed in javascript, or using a “template”. This will allow you to send data out to the webhook.

In this Skuid Labs report - Elena documented how to use the Docusign API to populate a template and send it around for electronic signature. I believe this would qualify as a webhook implementation, maybe a super complicated one…

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