Action to Activate and Set Condition Group

My use case is fairly generic. Single page app. Record selection from a table to show details and relevant related records. I have 10 models that need to be set and activated for one query models action.

I’d like to have one Condition Group to which I can set that value so all the models get their value from this.

I know I can set the value to use a value from another model, but I’m fairly certain this adds time for the query as the query of the parent model needs to be completed in order for all the related tables to get the value from the model. Lemeno otherwise.

Basically looking to be able to Activate and Set a Condition Group as opposed to the multiple Activate and Set Condition.

Pat, this is definitely something Skuid SEs have asked for over the years. We’ll review it internally to . see what it would take to get this kind of functionality. Thank you!

Yes, please!