Action sequences tab

Maybe I wasn’t fully paying attention to the Millau release video, but I don’t remember this being covered much…and before I even dig in and try it out…this seems BIG. Very exciting where the direction of Skuid platform is heading. “Millau introduces the Action Sequences tab, which allows you to save—and name—sets of actions that can be reused throughout a Skuid page or automatically triggered by events. Use inputs to create flexible, reusable action scripts or to create a page that listens to other Skuid pages or components in your Salesforce Lightning app.”


I completely agree!  Action sequences are a great new feature.  You can even run them on page load!



It’s an exciting new set of features, and we really can’t wait to see the awesome ways you all put them to use!

This is big for us.  Lot’s of ideas on this feature.  Great job on this one Skuid.

Loving Action Sequences. Can we add them to a module to be reusable by multiple pages?

Hi Jonathan, one thought would to use a master page, and keep your global action sequences in that page. I’ve recently tried this, and using the action sequences and event publishing, a master page can see an event that was published by one of its child pages, and you can send parameters and values back and forth using the same framework. It might take some experimentation to see how this could be set up, but there are lots of new possibilities opening up with the action + event frameworks. 

This one deserves a second round of praise. The more I use these, the more I am impressed with their flexibility and capabilities. 

I use them on page load/rendering, I “copy and paste” to execute from different places/contexts on the page them (i.e. convert a set of actions to a sequence, then re-deploy elsewhere on my page, and convert back to a set of actions to update some of the actions so they run within the relevant context), I build sequences made up of other sequences, I put them on a master page (along with relevant models) and execute them on different pages, etc.

One area where I feel there could be more documentation / examples is around event-triggered sequences and publishing. Call me a developer noob, but I am just not that familiar with this concept and would like to see more examples of how event-triggered sequences can be implemented.