Action Sequence -> Post to Chatter doesn't appear to load message and group after editing

Made an action sequence to post to chatter when a sponsorship is created. It posts successfully.

But, when you go back to edit the action, the parameters for Message and Target Name or ID aren’t being displayed for additional editing. The fields are empty.

If I view the page XML, the field values are in there:

{{Sponsorship_Type__c}} = “Contact”


Installed Skuid last week, Installed Packages is showing 13.0.5

Just getting back into Skuid and liking it a lot.


  • Hi Seth, glad to hear you're enjoying working in Skuid again.

    Are you building in v1 or v2?

  • It sounds like you're still able to edit the Message and Target Name in the XML but that you can't edit them in the App Composer, correct?