Action framework conditions

Came across several situations recently where “Action Conditions” would really help simplify approach.  For example, I need certain actions to occur when a new row is created in a model but in some situations, I don’t want those actions to fire.  Having the ability to specify an action condition would allow for this and avoid having to code the solution in javascript and/or other creative solutions.

These have been discussed in the past and mentioned as under consideration I believe.

Any updates on if this is something we’ll see in the future and if so, how close it might be?



We have discussed the concept of conditionality or logic within action framework sequences.  It is a great idea.  It is not yet on any specific roadmap plan tho… 

I was about to write about this xD


Thanks for the update Rob.  Lots of activity (likes & comments) on this in a short period of time, maybe we’ll see it added to the roadmap? :slight_smile:


+1 It will be very helpful.

This idea was raised over a year ago at  For those interested in these features, feel free to vote up that issue as well.  Let’s hit it from all sides :slight_smile:

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+1 This would be really helpful!

Conditions on Actions would eliminate so many lines of javascript!

This was implemented using branch actions.