Action Buttons on Android iOS 5 Not Responding

In our Skuid Mobile page, actions taken on Edit/Save/Add New Reference buttons are not responding unless successively tapping on those action buttons will the desire function take. 


I am trying to replicate this on Android 4.2 using Banzai Update 3 and my buttons seem to be running their actions on first tap.

Referencing the video that you sent us:, what actions are you taking for your Save button? I can see it’s doing a Show Message and Block UI, then doing a Save, but I’m wondering if there’s some other action that is taking place prior to the Show Message action?

It appears that you have some Enable Conditions set on your Save button, is that true?

Yina, I have replicated this using the standard Android Browser. This is not a regression with the current patch, it has actually been an issue on Android standard browser with Skuid Mobile for a long time.

The issue does not occur in our testing on Chrome or Firefox browsers for Android, only on the native browser for Android — our recommended workaround at present is to use Chrome or Firefox browsers on Android.

Hey Zach, we are still seeing the issue when using the Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser on Android. What else should we try?

Yina, per the instructions you emailed Rob, I tested the page using Chrome and the stock browser on a Galaxy S6 running Android 5.1.1 and I was not able to reproduce the issue you reported. Can you give us a more detailed profile of the device and software versions involved?

Can you confirm that this is an issue with an actual device, and not the emulator software depicted in your YouTube video?


Hi JD, I am using BrowserStack’s Real Device mode and have been testing the issue raise by my team who is testing and reporting the same behavior on all browsers (Chrome, Mozilla and native Android) - 

Galaxy S6 - 5
Galaxy S5 - 4.4
Galaxy S4 - 4.4 

Have you seen this issue arise on an actual device? I just want to rule out that it’s an issue with browser stack.

I’ve asked for the team that is testing if they can upgrade their Android platforms. I’ll keep you updated as to our progress.

Yes, we have.