AccountContactRelation Not Refreshing v11.1.6

Good afternoon!

I’m on the latest version of Skuid 11.1.6 on Salesforce. There is a standard object called AccountContactRelation that acts as junction from accounts to multiple contacts. This is enabled in our org and working in Classic/Lightning.

I’m updating our Account page with Skuid for the first time and found that if I put this section in a tab and query it each time that tab is clicked–it’s only accurate the first time. If another contact gets added… say via pop-up (ideally) or by navigating elsewhere a hard page refresh is required for this object to update even though the new record exists.

I have a bunch of other custom objects with similar functionality and no problem so I’m starting to wonder if this is related to Skuid, perhaps?

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The Skuid models don’t update automatically in the event new data comes in.  If you want to see the updated contact info in say a table after a new contact is created, you can either query the model again when the user hits save, or have a model action occur when the “new” contact is created, query the model of the table and you should see the new contact.

Hey Peter,

I am re-querying the model. That’s the problem. So far it’s only specific to this particular standard object though. I even went so far as to put a test button on the page specifically to re-query after a new contact was added and this object only is giving me trouble.

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Hi Dan,

Would you mind sharing your Skuid page XML with us so we can see the details of your page?