Account Tools - Conditional Rendering

Is there a way to conditionally render the Account tools (Merge Accounts, Mass Delete Accounts) from a custom skuid page?  I’m assuming I can do it by explicitly naming the profiles that already have permissions to use Account tools, but since the Profile IDs will change from Sandbox to Production, this is a little cumbersome.

Within the Standard Salesforce page, if I don’t have access to the Account Tools, the links do not display.  I’d like to mirror this functionality in Skuid.

You can set up conditional rendering based on profile name (rather than ID) and this way things will work in both sandbox and production environments. 

Sorry, I don’t see that as an option.  If I render by ‘Running User Attribute’, Profile name is not an option.

Hi…just figured it out (with some help here!)  I created a separate model for Running User and then had access to the Profile Name.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Glad to hear you got this figured out