account reference field auto-complete freezes - Brooklyn

Error Details:

skuid__SkuidJS:5 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined
at getTargetObject (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at getFieldReference (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at Object. (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at Function.each (skuid__JQueryJS:2)
at String. (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at Function.each (skuid__JQueryJS:2)
at Object.createSearchSubConditions (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at X.createSearchSubConditions (skuid__SkuidJS:9)
at X.buildSearchCondition (skuid__SkuidJS:9)
at G (skuid__SkuidJS:16)


Do you have search or filter fields defined under that reference field? If so, try adding those to the main model, especially if they aren’t text fields.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I am using search fields for AccountId for a new opportunity page.  One of the fields was missing from the Account model.  I didn’t try adding it to the Opportunity model (would have been a cross object reference).

I adjusted the settings to only include some of the fields in the search popup (to help identify the correct account) but not as search criteria and it is working now.

Thanks for the help!