Account Detail attachments not showing up

We have created a new Account Detail page  with Tabs and have added Notes and Attachments as a Tab the issue we are having is the Notes show up fine how ever none of the attachments are showing up , We can add new attachments but none of the existing attachments that we had prior to the skuid page are showing up? We have the following condition in place Thanks for any help.

Few things

  1. Is the model set to load records on page load?
  2. Does the Account model have the Id field selected?
  3. The condition field should be “ParentId” and not “Parent.Id”. Using “Parent.Id” performs slightly slower.

  1. Yes the Model is set to load records on page load
    2. The Account Model does have the Id field selected
    3 i have changed it to "Parentid"

    But still having the same issue.

Does the component have a context set on it?

it currently does not, I have a Tab with a table within that tab with fields from the Attachments models and a condition shown above. I have one Global action for attaching new files

Instead of asking for help to fix something i didn’t setup correctly maybe i should ask for recommendations on how to add the attachments related list for an account into a tab on an account detail page?

I followed the link step by step but still can not get attachments to appear, Notes shows up fine. The condition is setup just as the document instructed. VERY STRANGE…