Access for a button to particular group

Hi Team,

I need to provide access to a Clone button when the current user has been added to a particular group. Only certain user can create a clone of the record. Please suggest…

Hello Rahul

You can render Buttons like you can conditionally Render Fields (This Tutorial may help: ) Step 4 should cover the basics

Your button therefore needs just a Render/Enabling condition to check for the running user rights.

Hi Matthias, I know how to render the button for a specific user ID or multiple users. But what If I want to render the button based on the groupID where in the group i can add the users. This will help us not to hardcode the UserID in the rendering condition. I hope you have got my point what i am actually looking for.

With the standart SF Group onject, i haven’t managed to make it work either. but when the group is just a custom object where you store your users, you could have a model based on your custom group object and filter it by reference user.Id and the right group

Then on your Button you can say if this custom group model has data rows (e.g. it will only have rows if the right group contains the current running user) then render.

But as said, i could not get it working with the default Group in SF.

Hope this helps

There is a group object and a group members object that you can create models on. I believe the group object only returns groups that the user is in, so it becomes a list of “groups the current user is in”. You should be able to create a model on Groups and then a condition that a specific group must be in that that model in order for the button to display.