Access Campaign Influence object

I’m trying to build a Skuid table that displays the Campaign Influence object. I found this thread - - which at the time the campaign influence object was not available via API. However, it looks like that was fixed in the Winter '17 release.

I was able to select the CampaignInfluence in Skuid, however, when I try to view the page I get the following error: "1. You do not have permission to view records of the CampaignInfluence object. Table Component could not be displayed."

Anyone know if this now works or what I need to do to get it working?


Anyone have any experience with the CampaignInfluence object in Skuid? I can’t figure out where the permission is occurring and wondering if it just a Skuid limitation.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Andrew. Were you able to look at the CampaignInfluence object for any permissions that could be relevant? 

Mark - thanks for the reply.

Yes, I think I have the right permissions set, but entirely possible I’m missing something obvious.

Here’s a screenshot:

Andrew, from what I’m seeing, it sounds like the error you’re seeing may be a Salesforce Error that’s just being surfaced by the Skuid page. In other words, I think there might be more relevant Salesforce settings to check besides the straightforward permissions shown here. I wasn’t able to easily find Salesforce documentation that lays this out (this is the closest match I could find), but here is a discussion on Salesforce’s Success site that may help you evaluate the relevant settings:

You may also have sharing settings that are affecting whether these campaign Influence records are public or private, if they’re part of a queue or if they’re set up as tasks.