About the Resources category

This section is the reference of helpful documentation, guides, tutorials to help you develop and learn Skuid.

Skuid Documentation:

View our documentation to learn more about the product which ranges from:

  • Tutorials - Step-by-step guides to help you build your first Skuid app from start to finish.
  • Site Administration - Learn how to install and start using Skuid in a matter of minutes.
  • Reference - Learn about the Skuid API, CLI, Metadata, and XML.
  • Concepts - Discover what is possible with Skuid
  • Skuid Release Notes - A great place to read up on the details of the new features and functionality available in Skuid

Skuid Live Events and Webinars:

Here is where you can watch recorded Skuid workshops and webinars such as:

  • Skuid Build An App Workshop - Skuid hosts virtual hands-on workshops for users to build a business application in just 2 hours without writing any code
  • Skuid Dives - Monthly webinars that focus on going into depth on particular Skuid capabilities.
  • Nautilus Notes - Join Skuid experts and users for a monthly discussion about lessons they are learning in the field and applications & experiences they are delivering to their users.
  • Skuid Labs - A place for the Skuid family of users to share custom components, formulas, and other extensions

To see more webinars, click here.

Skuid 101 Videos:

  • Skuid Basics Videos - The Skuid Basics Series is a set of 16+ short videos that will help those new to Skuid get up & running quickly.

  • Skuid Shorts - Quick videos about different Skuid functionality & features from the experts.

  • New To Skuid Weekly - Weekly interactive webinars focused on answering new user questions and providing guidance on getting started with Skuid