Ability to select field(s) to Mass Update that are not displayed in a Table

I find myself often wanting to Mass Update fields that are not in a Skuid table, which, moreover, should not be in that table, because I rarely need to see or view them. Since I’m generally a Skuid Admin in the org, I’ll jump into the Page Builder, add that field to the table, go back and Mass Update the field, save, then go take the field out of the Page Builder. A rather round-about way of achieving what could be an additional feature of Mass Update… the ability to, at run-time, choose to Mass Update fields that are not in the Table! The user could dynamically pick from a list of all fields that they have Edit / Create permissions on that are in the Model, and then Skuid would present an appropriate input box for that display type, just as it does normally. You could then click to add another field that’s not already there, allowing you, really, to mass update lots of fields that are not in your table. Later, we could allow the user to even pick fields that are not in the Model. The idea’s got some kinks to work out, but if anyone likes it or has some suggestions, vote it up and comment!

I’ve found myself often using standard SF views to edit fields that aren’t visible on any standard page layouts, so I could see this being a handy option.

I’d like to see this broadened to allow for selective configuration by end users of table views and field editors. If they can configure the layout, then the existing mass update would allow mass updating any field that they make visible. It wouldn’t need to be as flexible as Salesforce’s page layouts, it could be more constrained and still be very useful.

I dont know if this suggest is still being looked at or has been updated elsewhere, but this would be very helpful for our org.

I would really like to have the option to override the default mass update popup, similar to how you can choose a custom popup for template fields in a field editor. 

As of the Millau Update 2 release, coming out in the next 2 weeks, it will be possible for end-users to customize to some extent which fields they would like to mass update. This is enabled at a per-field level in Table configuration by allowing users to hide/show particular columns. Basically, whatever columns that an end user has chosen to make visible in a table will be available within mass update for that table, so as an admin, if you want to allow users to mass update fields that are not visible in a table by default, simply add those fields to the table, but mark them as hidden by default. Then, if an end user wants to mass update those fields, they just need to, at least temporarily, choose to make them visible in the table, and then click to do mass update. Once the mass updates are completed, the end user can easily go hide those fields again if desired.