Ability to save Template component results as PDF

Ability to save Template component results as PDF / Email Results Much like the ability to download an XLS output of a table.

I want to use this library! jsPDF - Create PDFs with HTML5 JavaScript Library StaticResouce?

I got this to work with model data if anyone is interested.

Jacob … I’m very interested. Are you happy with the results using that library? Did you hit any limitations with page formatting etc.?

I have yet to get too far into the templating / formatting. I have used Webmerge in the past for templating, which is PHP based on Smarty. I also see that your templating within the tool is based on Mustache. There is another path that may make sense, because the jsPDF library has some experimental support for using HTML as the markup. Many paths. If you would like, I can show you how I got to the Proof of Concept which simply pulls data from the model on the page and shows that it is possible to write the pdf client side, and download the file. I was quite excited to see a pdf in my download bar, even though the first one only contained “Hello World”, a page break and the Viewing User’s UID. Jacob

BTW horay for Javascript.

Great discussion and idea topic for future iteration of Skuid. As you discover new possibilities, please share, as they may directly influence our design decisions.

Yea, I really like the idea of content mirrored in the Template Component and the proposed PDF output. This is a little bit of a slippery slope, because I may start asking you for a place to store & modify Document templates separate from a component within a page, and accessible from other areas of Salesforce. Creating print documents has always been an issue with SaaS Databases. (for me and my clients at least) Jacob