Ability to add developer notes to config elements

It would be nice to be able to add some short notes to things like model & rendering conditions. I would add things like “Leave this condition as the ID instead of the name in order to make new records default properly” or “added per JK 2/24/14”. Perhaps this would be useful in other places too?

I think this has been suggested before,  but we will consider this as a second vote for the idea. 

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Allow for “comments”. You can see here I’m using a template component to add a html comment to my page. I need to add quite a bit of documentation to finish up this application… and I prefer to add it directly into the code… or in this case, into the page designer.

This works, but I really don’t need to see my comments in the rendered page… only in the designer. Could you add a “comments” field to all controls that would appear in the design pane and be stored in the page xml ?

OK.  Here is an idea.  Its a pretty crazy idea, but thats how I roll. 

You could use conditional rendering on the template component so it only showed on the rendered page if YOU were looking at the page.   Or maybe NEVER showed on the page (Establish a condition that will Never be True. Like “Billing State = 1234”). 

Then the template would be available in the builder but not rendered in the finished product. 

Zach and Ben may slap me down here,  but I’m thinking this may be an unanticipated feature of the Spring release. 

Good idea Rob the html comments around the comments keep it from being displayed i was just looking for a more structured way to add comments as data, rather than as marked up text.

Yes,  the dev team here at Skuid smirked at my idea.  We will continue to take as “under consideration” the idea to allow devleoper notes in the page that are not passed through to the rendered page. 

I was thinking about this today and searched the community. There was already an idea with 7 votes!

; )

Would be beautiful if you could add notes to a little box in components, actions, models and conditions!

Yes, please! :slight_smile:

has anyone built a custom version of page builder to include Chatter? Rob gave me the idea three years ago but I never tried it http://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/chatter-in-page-builder-interface

though with skuid looking to be platform agnostic, would be better to not rely on chatter. maybe something similar to feedback?