A single Product Table with multiple PricebookEntries?

I always feel just on the edge of understanding Skuid, then I hit something that should be obvious and get stuck…!

I’d like to build a Table where each of my SF Product2 records shows the three PriceBookEntries that they have as columns (CAD, USD, EUR) so that our users can quickly edit all three values in one operation.

I’ve looked at Rob Hatch’s example about showing Teachers/Students in multiple models, but this appears to use multiple Tables to render the results.

Is it possible to do this?  Any hints to get me started would be much appreciated!

I think you need a combination of two tools: To display as columns, try the model lookup feature of the UI only field: http://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/using-model-lookup-with-ui-only-field-cant-make-it-work You will create a separate model for each PriceBookEntry and use model lookup to pick out the values you want to display in the columns. To edit, try a row action that opens a popup that displays each of the three fields in three separate field editors.

Awesome - that did the trick!