A Recurrent Problem (calendarios)

Use Case:

Create a recurrent series of events in SF.
For a created series, it needs to be able to be changed on a go forward basis only
     - AssignedToID
     - Day of Week
     - Time of day
For a created series, it needs to be able to be deleted on a go forward basis only
For a created series, it needs to be able to change AssignedTo on a go forward basis only

Complicating Factors:

Updating the RecurrenceActivityID record updates ALL events in the series
Deleting the RecurrenceActivityID record deletes ALL events in the series (if performed via API)
Visual Workflow doesn’t play well with DateTime input fields

I thought I would consult the ninjas before charging through with the following rough workaround:

Part 1 - Create a Flow for creating new recurring events
Part 2 - Create a Flow for deleting series (with same RecurrenceActivityID and ActivityDate in future)
Part 3 - String together the flows as follows:

Create series (obvious) - use the flow from Part 1
Change series - use part 2 to delete all future events in a series and then implement the flow from part 1 to create a new series

This solution feels a little labor intensive - Skuid has made me lazy. 

So, do the Ninjas have any advice on how I may be over thinking this problem?

Quote of the day:  “Skuid has made me lazy”  I’m going to tweet that… 

Recurrent events is an area of the standard salesforce objects that we have known was hiding in the corner waiting to roar,  but we just haven’t had time to really go looking for it with our Skuid sticks.  Salesforce is doing lots of interesting trickery both in the UI and in the back end to make all that happen, and we have not replicated it. 

All that to say - I’m not sure the ninjas are going to have and “easy” pill for you here. 

But we’d love to see anything you develop.  

Yeah - it seems like it’s a duel between two front-end solutions. 

I’ll show you anything I get, but be ready to temper your expectations

As I’d love to keep it all in Skuid, I wanted to see if there was a way to accomplish this via Skuid (and I can only cook Javascript with recipes - though it seems I should probably tool up):

Mass delete all events such that:

RecurrenceActivityID is given (queries all events in a recurrent series)
ActivityDate is greater than today (all future events in the series)

I’ll write up the specs of creating recurring events and my solution. Maybe it’ll inspire some ninja greatness.

Sounds good.