A question on Skuid page deployment


I have page called OSC_List let say, I already moved this to our TST org for QA.

Now, something comes up, I had to make few changes in DEV on the same page, now, 

Since the component is same (Same SKUID Page), for suppose , if I upload the same change set which I have created to TST org again .

Do we get the recent copy of Skuid page ? or the one which was at the time of  preparing change set ?

What is in your change set is a static resource.  This is what is created when you do the “page pack” action on your set of pages.   This means its not an “up to date” version of your pages.  

So - after making your few changes,  you need to do the page pack action - and choose to update the exisitng static resource. 

Then,  go to your change set.  

I believe though that change sets can’t be “used twice” you’ll have to clone and edit the change set and send it across. 

Or you can use the sublime IDE to move the static rsource,  or you favorite data loader to move the page record with an upsert.   

Options options… 

Awesome, Rob - as always!!! 

Good to know all these options.
Thank You!