a one page wizard

SKUID lets me do things in Salesforce that would boggle my mind if i tried to do them using visualforce pages and apex

I’m in the process of finishing up a “one page wizard” for create classes and enrolling students for a music school

it lets you pick a course from a queue and displays a list of teachers approved to teach that course and the materials needed by the students
clicking on the magnifier on any level refilters the levels below… so clicking on the magnifier for a teacher refilters the display of classes for this course the teacher is teaching
clicking on the plus inserts a new class

in the same way, clicking on the magnifier for a class record displays a list of students for that class, clicking on the plus adds a new student record, clicking on the magic wand lets you change the class information during the time a class is being given and rewrite all the student lesson information with the new changes

clicking on the magnifier for a student displays all the lessons that have been scheduled for that student in this class below, clicking on the icon of multiple forms generates a new set of lessons for the student

this is a big, complicated form designed for a well trained user… it lets them create, review and change records at multiple levels all in the same place… it takes quite a bit of javascript to drive it… but not as much as i might have thought… it uses skuid models as tools for creating and changing records with code

it blew my mind as i wrote it… this makes me feel like i could do anything in a salesforce app, anything i wanted

thanks guys

Great post, glad you’re happy! :slight_smile: