A Model with a condition dependent on another Model does not change results after a Filter is applie

I have an Account Model I am trying to apply a filter to based on its ParentID, and to show all related Opportunities with the distinct Account IDs remaining in the filtered Model. I am applying the filter  through a UI-only picklist field with predesignated values for the ParentID. I have a Condition on my Opportunity Model to be filterable default on for all Accounts in the set of all values containing the ID field from any row returned by the Account Model. Why is my Opportunity Model not updating?

Hi Amy, we were wondering if you could find a solution in the meantime. If not, I’d have some questions:

  1. Which Skuid version is currently installed?
  2. V1 or V2 page?
  3. Did you try to use the Opportunities child relationship field in the Account's model directly, would that be an option?