a field is breaking my page

Page: Job_Detail_Master_FGeocodeProblem
Org ID: 00Di0000000co1i

Check this out : http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/21665/why-am-i-getting-an-oracle-exception-when-doing-… (For the record, that’s the most awesome error message I’ve ever seen…)

The formula field itself was not producing the text I wanted, but this should not have broken the page if it worked without error on a page layout.

That said, after fixing the formula to produce the text I want, my page is no longer broken. Odd.

Yup. Certainly an eye opener! Not sure how a formula field can possible break a SOQL query.

Holy Cow. That is a great error message. 

That’s all me! :smiley:

Glad you were able to get this fixed. Something about the formula made SOQL very unhappy. You should not assume that because fields show in standard layouts - they will show via Skuid.  Salesforce can do some trickery on the standard layouts that we cannot.